Friday, December 29, 2006

America needs Sawsan Tuffaha

The cable news channels in the US are useless. You watch the news bulletin for one hour and it would be interrupted at least five times by commercials, and the news itself is just one line followed by different headlines in big fonts and arrows and colors then appear a few people to discuss the story. It doesn't matter who these people are, nobody knows, but they need to have different points of view and the viewer is to take sides. That makes the news exciting! The problem is that it's really difficult tot tell what the piece of news was. Among all of these debates you really miss the actual news.

What's worse? the news itself. Celebrities get most of the attnetion, the stupid legal cases that affect nobody like a missing girl in Aruba or three college students raping a strip dancer and this news took more space than the war in Iraq and definitely than news in any other area in the world.

The Sawsan-Tuffaha news is the one when someone who doesn't smile or frown shows up on a TV screen at a certain time, shoots the news for 20 minutes straight in your face, nonstop, no commercials, all serious news, and celebrties are mentioned in it only when they die. News are not enjoyable anyway, you'd be a moron to enjoy watching news about wars and earthquakes but that's the news and that's how it's supposed to be.

Many Americans are getting their news first from comedians like Jay Leno and Bill Maher even the Jon Stewart before they get it from what's supposed to be the real news channels!

America needs Sawsan Tuffaha.


Here's of clips from Jon Stewart making fun of cable news, hilarious!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right, news these times become entertainment...
Long live Sawsan Tuffaha!

Lubna said...

I find you hitting the point pretty right. A heck of a good point Fares

kerr said...

Who is Sawsan Tuffaha?

Iknow how you feel. I do not watch the News here nor read any news paper.

Anonymous said...

ghalib el hadeedy was the best.

Lubna said...

el tapatio
lol.. at mentioning ghalib el hadeedy, who can forget him.
I used to think that he looks like a skeleton man:S

Hareega said...

kerr, sawsan tuffaha was a news anchor, she had a frozen face never smiled or made any expression when she reported the news.

Ghlaeb el haddedy was awesome too, waino?

Anonymous said...

sawsan tuffaha is the most amzing person on earth .she loved her job and did it right for such a long time ,we should honor her for being such a good reporter and aunt .,she is my aunt btw ;)