Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How a Jordanian Company Deceived the World

In 1976, A Jordanian company named Jerash International (JI) started manufacturing a local medication for diabetes named Vaxifine. It used the same formula used to make a similar European drug but made a very minor change: Instead of the normal sodium chloride used in the European drug they used a "fresh" substance extracted from sardines named MOTS (Monogammo-Oxadizone-Tellurtinase-Sulfatase).

The Jordanian Pharmaceutical Association refused to approve the use of this drug in local markets due to the presence of MOTS. In several studies conducted in the 1960s MOTS turned out to be present in large concentrations in the bone marrow of monkeyes that were dying from a unusual wasting disease. The drug never saw the light in Jordanian markets and was about to
be completely abandoned.

However, the CEO of Jerash International was former prime minister Bahjat Al-Talhouni. He refused to let 300,000 doses of the drug be trashed. No American or European country accepted the drug because of its MOTS content. However, through his connections, Talhouni was able to push the drug to be used in several African countries. By 1977 it was on pharmacy shelves in Botswana, Togo, Benin and the Central African Republic. By 1978, Nigeria and Mali approved the drug.

In 1979, a new virus hit the African continent. The only thing common among all the victims of this virus was them receiving at least a one-week supply of Vaxifine. Studies conducted at the University of Leeds and later Harvard University proved that Vaxifine caused a mutation in the human body that allows this virus to penetrate inside body tissues and cause irreversible damage.
In 1982, Jerash International stopped producing the drug. In 1983 it went bankrupt and shut down.

More than 450 studies have been published linking the exposure of MOTS, the same chemical Jerash International was using in Vaxifine, to the development of AIDS. However very few were able to make the link to Vaxifine and are just blaming the initial spread of HIV on sexual exposure by African citizens to monkeyes. Drug companies are not interested in funding any studies to how the virus started because that will not help them sell more drugs. A drug that acts as an antagonist to MOTS was developed in New Zealand but nobody is willing to use because it can terminate all the prophets the drug companies make from selling HIV drugs.

As most of you can tell, the whole story is fabricated. Jerash international and MOTS and Vaxifine do not exist. Bahjat Talhouni existed but he was never a part of something like this. I apologize for to his family for using his name like this. I just made up the story now. The coffee shop I'm sitting in is closing in 10 minutes otherwise I would have made up a more believable story. My point is all these stories about how H1N1 was made up in a certain lab and how vaccinations destroy people are all made up, with one medical study after another proving how safe and effective they are. But it only takes a worthless pig to make up something and put it on youtube for a bunch of uneducated people to believe it and avoid a life-saving vaccine that can usually protect them and protect them and their communities, and worse spread those lies among their family and friends. Yes pharmaceutical companies are godless money-worshipers, but they make up good things.
oh, the picture, just some candy for the eye.


Qwaider said...

why man ... why!!? I totally believed you :(

Thanks for the tiny explanation in the bottom

jaraad said...

Man, the sequence of events, names, dates and locations made the story very believable. I hope no one copy your post and email it to people before they read the footnote.

bambam said...

You know what they say, every lie has a sliver of truth in it.
Good job on fooling me but by the time i got to aids part i was like ... *pause* "I just got punk'd"
Honestly hareega its pointless. i've been having this discussion with my family for a while now. and there is no way around it, the doctors on TV are more credible than me. they denounced the vaccine and said that they love their families and won't expose them to such harm.
What do you expect from ppl who slaughtered, jordan still is, the pigs to stop the threat based on orders by the ministry of health. The ironic part of that story is that now cairo is sinking in trash because of that which is probably more dangerous than h1n1 would have been.

Anonymous said...

im guessing u meant 2 say "eliminate profits" cuz proPHets r no more :P

Anonymous said...

man i was like "yeeeee had el talhouni be2rab la sa7ebti beddi abattel a7ki ma3ha" :P
mskeen elli bo5tor 3a balak esmo lamma t2allef esasak

Mala2e6 said...

true we believe what we are told not because we are naive kind and innocent but because we are too lazy to search for the truth.

so the vaccination is good? ya3ni ma nesma3 kalam il 3ammo illy 3ala youtube?

what about all the email t2oli ghalat..la2 is known for its credibility..

copy and paste this to 5 blogs or you will have diarrhea for 2 weeks

Ammar said...

Pretty good story, but I have to admit that the part where you said that the thing was extracted from sardines made me pause and remember Marzoog's (from 7aret abu 3awwad) numerous sardine based corporate lunches he used to have with som3a.

And, I should probably watch French news channels more often, they certainly broaden one's horizons!

mais said...

almost believe it ! let's forget about the drug the, disease and the whole thing and focus on the point that we take everything we read in the internet serious and just believe it ..that is the biggest problem i think

Anonymous said...

lazim tktob mosalsalat ordoneyh ...7aram hal mawaheb tro7 3al fathi

Anonymous said...

Never mind Vaxifine, the MOTS and the sardines. What's the deal with the cutie from LCI?

Hareega said...

Qwaider, you're welcome

Jaraad... as long as I don't get sued I wouldn't mind copying just the big-font text, good to experiment how dumb people can be

We had a doctor go on a local TV station saying the vaccine is not safe. I asked the administration for that doctor to be fired. I cannot imagine how health care workers can be so deceptive.

Anonymous.. as long as there's a disclaimer at the end they are safe

Hareega said...

Mala2e6... waaal shu zaman ya sheikha, I had diarrhea for almost 2 weeks so I wouldn't mind not copying this and sending it

Ammar... yes. Watch French news. They will broaden your horizon whatever horizon means.

Anonymouses: the cutie is Melsissa Theauru whatever her name is, some smoking chick on some news channel, shagfeh

Unknown said...

i'm a talhouni myself...
you mixed between Bahajat Talhouni and Tharwat Talhouni
Tharwat is my Grandfather i will double check this story and will get back to you..keeping in mind that things in the 60's and 70's is different than these days...
meanwhile.. yes.. wat is the deal with that SEXY girl :)
to anon. who is ur talhouni friend ???

Unknown said...

i just saw your noteeeeeeeeeeee
anyways people's name are not a joke... i almost sent that to my family members...
meanwhile i wonder why this name poped in ur mindddd
i liked your blog and would like to meet you :)))))

Anonymous said...

I'm a Talhouni as well. This is slander. I suggest you take down the post immediately.

Anonymous said...

Take the Post down, Bahjat Talhouni was one of Jordans greatest Prime Ministers and he doesnt deserve to be mentioned this way, Shame on you.