Saturday, July 30, 2011

No Way in Norway

Norway buried the victims of the massacre that took place last week in Oslo. The first funerals for the 76 people started taking place yesterday.

The prime minister Jens Stonelberg urged his nation to embrace freedom.

That's how you fight threats to your nation: embrace what your country stands for, embrace what its values are and don't take security as an excuse to violate its constitution.

As Mr. Jens (sikis) said, "Evil has brought out the best in us"

Kudos for Norway for not losing its collective shit.


Omar said...

But, if they lost their collective shit, they're gonna do what exactly? Start taping all phone calls among Christians? Or start tracing anyone that shows up to church more than twice?

Hareega said...

Yes, phone tapping, spying on their people, harrassing people in airports, putting usless metal detectors at every club/hotel/mall, or ask Muslims to leave the country because they're triggering hate....etc