Monday, December 19, 2005


والله اني مستشقفكي يا ادريانا ليما

اي لو بلف الكرك كلها بلاقيش احلى منكي

يلعن عمر ستي محلى الطاقية على رااااسكي

حرقتني حرق هالخسة........ بتتاكلي بخراكي يا بنت فرانسسكو


jameed said...

walak i stand in front of victoria's secret staring at her and people think i am a perv. when i first saw her picture i actually went into the store and asked the lady inside about her name. bas beini w beinak, btitakl bkharaha walla...

PS shayef il barazil shoo talla3at?!

jameed said...

Btw, the other VS's shagfeh is alessandra, she is brazilian too.

Hareega said...

walla ana banaat el barazil 3ala 3aini o raasi , mo3jezaat rabbaniyyeh, i heard about Aleesandra benet Antonio, i can make another whole thread about her.

Abdelstar alslimat said...

Reega iam sorry she is been taken we ar gouing out tonigt to ajaz bar nothing is rong by having a fantasy.

Firas said...

"btitakl bkharaha"

Kunt shaghal 3ala Taxi eshi abu el harayeg?
Because the first time I've heard this was from a cabbie!

and lol@مستشقفها
Isn't she the one who got the first place at poll?I can see why..

برازيلية يال بنت برازلية، برازيلية و لا كركية!

Bo3Bo3 said...

You need to get married very soon hareega, for humanity sake. :)

But I do agree, she is a hootie.

Hareega said...

firas i think it was laeta casta who was chosen to be the hottest.

Bo3Bo3 nothing keeps you away from marriage more than el shogaf like bent 3amna adriana :D