Thursday, December 01, 2005

George Bush: Enemy of Humans

Geroge Bush started the dirty war telling his people that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction,
used against innocent civilians,

Well, he's right,

Weapons of mass destrution were used in Iraq, but only a year ago in Fallujah.

Watch this documentary from an Italian TV channel, and thank God that America is not occupying your country.

In English: (and click on the link)
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In Arabic:


Nadim said...

I cant but congratulate you for a job will done ,among your multiple creative facets you are a pro in delivering your message to where it is intended for . As a medical doctor ,with your proficiency in mastering what you do ,I would be your trusted patient ,I am sure of your parents love and pride I wish to be like them to you ,you made me as proud as my own son dose ,God bless you .

Hareega said...

Thank you very much nadim for these words. I still don't believe that my opinions have much to do with my work, but they are somehow related to each other. Again thank you for your words and for checking my blog.

GalamRsass said...

The Link Has Been Changed To: