Friday, January 06, 2006

Miracle in the Mine.... not exactly

Probably you heard the story of the miners in West Virginia.... 13 miners were trapped for almost 2 days in a mine after an explosion. Among the 13, 12 were found dead and one alive. However the news spread initially that twelve of the men have been found alive. The newspapers were printed stating that. A few hours passed by and the sad news came back.... they are all dead but one .... too late for the newspapers though, they came out next morning with the headings: Miners Alive!

Besides the rage and sorrow, one cannot ignore an observation. All the newspapers have made the very same mistake and it was in their headlines. They have reported exactly the opposite of the truth. They are not to blame for that, but it still looks on paper like a scandal.

the mistake was apparent because the 12 men were found dead. The bodies were there to prove it. I'm just wondering if we are being lied to everyday and we can't know it because we cannot see or check for the truth ourselves. I'm not sure if there are many headlines that come out everyday that are exactly the opposite of the truth and we are unable to know it. I just believe that all newspapers can be wrong like they were yesterday. ALL.


kinzi said...

RRH, some bloggers are saying that it was their fault, they were striving for a story to a point they published conversations overheard on cell-phones before facts were established.

Maybe it's my anti-MSM bias showing.

Linda said...

Actually you guys, as reported the morning after the "good" news was reported, a rumor started on accident from the mine owners, and because people aroud the area were so excited about the good news, the immediately ran to the families and press reported that they were alive. these reports were made right before everyone went to bed.

unfortunately, the mine owners waited three hours until they went out and corrected the false rumors and went to the family and media and told them the rimor was false.

Khalidah said...

Well .. Since journalism is considered to be the 4th authority, and it happens that they do such a mistake, how are we to trust everything else?

I second your opinion Hareega .. because if journalists do not take their responsibility towards readers very seriously to the extent that they check their sources more than once, then they would be in the wrong profession ... it is not about getting the news out FIRST as it is getting out the news RIGHT .. at least that is what I believe ..

Dar said...

to a certain limit i dont beleive any of the news , everything on the TV or newspaper i take it as a show or something .............

Hareega said...

kinzi... wouldn't a report about the miner's death also be a big story??

Linda.. yep that's what happened. It would have been wonderful if it was the other way around.

Khalida ... media has become a very serious thing and many people still believe all what they hear!

dar.. good for you :)