Sunday, January 08, 2006

When will God smite this bastard??

Pat Robertson stated that God smote Sharon because Sharon was dividing God's land.

There's no land called God's land among Christians. That's all Jewish-based teaching just like most of Robertson's teachings. The whole world was created by God but his kingdom does not belong to this world- check the bible. The Christian's heart should be with God above and with a piece of land on earth below.

As much as I respect religion and faith without exclusions, as much as I started hating a lot of religious men among all religions also without exclusion. I heard that God likes to test the faithful, and maybe he is testing them with the religious people he's sending them.


Jad said...

The other view might be 'God is protecting him because he's protecting his people'
and actually he's doing it very well, I mean Sharon.

Vimto said...

Is that bastard in the pic Bush?! It looks like some chinese guy with stomach-ache! If it's Bush, allah yakhdoo akh-thaa 3azizen moqtader. O inshallah Sharon raye7 ablo.
I heard wazza3oo ka3ek o ma3moul in the Palestinian Occupied Territories when they heard about him. Bravooooooo!

hareega said...

jad i can't believe how stupid his comments are, let alone sick. I listen and read a lot of reports in the american media making fun of people in the third world and making fun of what they say and thier traditions, but what Robertson has always said has been incredibly stupid even very funny. It's not a surprise when you know close to geroge bush is he.

vimto that guy in the pic is PAt Robertson the one i was talking about in the thread. He's worse than Bush. Bush isn't really the worst of them, howeh wejeh el boxeh bass.

hareega said...

today Jay Leno said that as soon he sharon started moving his hand, he gave pat robertson the finger

Abu Sinan said...

Well, maybe it is a mercy on us Muslims. You see, every time he opens his mouth it reminds us, and everyone else, that is isnt just Muslim leaders that say stupid things.

wedad said...

in God's Time
and the one who will come after him is worse, you will say really allah yer7amo