Friday, January 04, 2008

Football in 2007

Didn't have time to post it in 2007, so here it is.
MOMNETS of 2007

Best Team:

They challenged everything including themselves and, against all expectations, won Asia's Cup. The victory was big, big, big.
Here's Iraq's winning goal against KSA in the final:

Second comes AC Milan, who won the Champions League and FIFA's Club World Cup. They're performing quite horribly in the Serie A now.

Best Goal:
Are you kidding me?? It's Lionel Messi's against Getafe. I don't think I'll be around at the end of the century but I'm sure someone will pickup this goal and say "this should be the goal of the century"


Worst Fight:
The Inter-Valencia fight in Champions League. Very uncivilized. Also Burdisso's nose was broken.


Worst Transfer Deal:

David Beckham's transfer to LA Galaxy for 250 million dollars. He was injured throughout most of the season.


Saddest moment: The shocking deaths of Antonio Puerta (Spain),23, and Phil O'Donnell (Scotland), 35, on the pitch while they were playing for their teams.

Shocker of the year:
England failing to qualify for 2008 European Championship

Here's the final whistle from their last game at home against Croatia 2-3.



asoom said...

Not to dampen your excitement or anything but I got excited when I saw the title of your post and then I realized I was thinking about a totally different football.

I take it you're not into American football, 2007 was a big year for the NFL!

oh and I HATE when players get into physical fights whatever the sport is, completely turns me off. I've never seen it happen in an NFL game-I guess it's because the nature of the game allows them to release all that aggression while playing the actual game.

Maher said...

Lionel Messi's Goal is A Dream!!
I honestly feel sad about Puerta! He was so amazing!
Fight of the year? you should see the fight that broke out Between Wehdat and Faisaly this year! even the Chairmans beat each other! IT was a wild night!

Hareega said...

asoom, what you're talking about is not called football it's called American football, some different kind of sport that has nothing to do with the real football that the world plays.

maher, if u have a footage of that fight let me know , would be exciting!