Friday, January 11, 2008


Obama over Edwards, Edwards over Mccain, Mccain over Ron Paul, Paul over Hillary, Hillary over Huckabee, Huckabee over Thomspson, Thompson over the devil, the devil over Guiliani.

In other words.... The black dude over the Southern meterosexual, over the demented Arizonan, over the delerious gynecologist, over the bitch, over the self-proclaimed son of God, over the cold failing actor, over Satan, over the cross-dresser son of a bitch.
I hope you enjoyed reading my political analysis.


Batoul A. said...

LOOL, loved it. couldn't have said it ANY better.

Qwaider قويدر said...

Amen to that Hareega

Although, I would Edwards at the top

kinzi said...

Ya Hareega, how is it I get the most clear, concise analysis yet from a Jordanian medical student in Arizona?

I guess it's time to get my head out of the desert sand and start thinking about all this.

Roba said...

hehe ta7sheesh!

asoom said...


What nickname did you give Mitt Romney? I know him as the overly defensive Mormom.

secratea said...

looooooooooool hareega, jad ennak hareega!

Hareega said...

batoul, thanks for checking

Qwaider, what I hate about Edwards is being the lawyer for some absurd lawsuits against doctors in North Carolina

kinzi, I hope it was very concise (PS I lost the title of a medical student long time ago, fortunately)

Roba, thanks for checking

asoom, thanks for reminding me that Romney existed. He's an example how money can let a total moron run for a president, nothing against him being a mormon but he was a totally different person a few years ago

secratea, thanks for reading