Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Observations from the News

* The Jordanian government decided to cancel Jerash festival. They said the festival was costing too much for no reason and becoming extremely unpopular.
And trust me, nobody knows what costing too much for no reason and being unpopular more than our government.

* 14 "belly dancers" were deported from Jordan. The government said that their visas were not good anymore. Nobody elaborated on what they really meant by "visas".

* It was reported on Al-Arabiyah that Syria is leading Arab countries in the number of honor killings, with about 200 cases each year, versus only 30 in Jordan.
Hearing that, Jordanian men have started a nationwide campaign in an attempt to catch up.

* Despite many scientists' arguments, George Bush mentioned recently that he still doubts evolution. After saying so, he started laughing like a monkey.


LotusGem said...


'what they really meant by "visas".'


Ps: Evolution vs Intelligent Design is still an ongoing scientific debate. George Bush however, may have just tipped the scales.

madas said...

lol! How did you pick these random items rom all the other items?!

i found myself laughing, so i suppose your sense of humour is not as cold as you claim...

Hani Obaid said...

I'm gonna add a couple more from last week's paper:

In a survey of the happiness level of people living in middle eastern countries, Jordan was 7th.

In the same paper a second survey detailed the price of heating fuel in different middle-eastern countries. Jordan was the all-time champion there with prices 4-5 times higher than some of the other countries.

Coincidence ?

Hareega said...

Sari.. I know it's debatable, but the way it's politicized is disgusting.

madas.. just surfing through 3 or 4arabic news sites

hani obaid, not a coincidence at all!

Farah said...

Just today a man electrocuted his daughter in the name of honor. Apparently the competition includes using more creative ways of killing your female relative.

Hareega said...

We can be very creative when we least need it