Thursday, May 01, 2008


I was talking on the phone in a public place.
As usual, I was talking in a very loud voice that made everyone around me scared there was an impending biological attack.

After I was done, a 60-something man approached me.
"I heard you saying on the phone your name is Masannat", he asked with a Syrian accent.
"Yes, my last name"
"You're from Jordan right?"
"Masannat should be a huge family"
"Actually it's not, we're like 300-400 people overall"
"Really! because I know a student here at the Univeristy who is from your family"

I thought he was mistaken. I should have known it if someone from my family was studying in the university!

"Are you sure he's a Masannat?", I asked.
"Yes, pretty sure, but he graduated long time ago. He was doing civil engineering"
"Uhmm, I don't know him, unless he graduated very long time ago."

"Yes, I think I met him in 1970. It's been a very long time. I remember he used to study all the time. His name is Yousef, do you know him?"

"Yep, he's my father, he went back to Jordan in 1973, got married and had kids and he's doing well!"


Back in Jordan in 2001, I had a car accident. Some idiot hit my car as he was leaving his parking inside his house.
I stepped out of my car and was planning to smash his head against the boiling asphalt of the street, then saw he was huge so I decided to be civilized.

Our parents arrived and we made a "KROKA" then we started chatting.

His father knew I went to medical school, and told me ,"My daughter graduated from your medical school, then specilized here in Jordan in opthalomology (eyes) but then got married and left to the US. She's trying to get her medical licence there.

Two years later, I was in Philadelphia sitting for an exam for all international medical graduates who are willing to practise in the US.
Thousands of graduates do this exam every year.

On my exam day I looked at the faces of the examinees, and I found and Arabic-looking veiled lady. I went to talk to her.

"Where are you from?"
"Eh, hala walla, which university?"
"Univ. of Jordan. I graduated long time ago, was doing opthalomology there then got married and came to the US with my husband"
"AHA! And you live in Shmesani, your brother's name is AbdulHadi and he's got a white Mazda?
A Bad driver indeed. He wrecked your Mazda. He's OK but whoever gave him a driver's licence is a moron"

I like to surprise people. I was also glad that I let all the anger out from my system even if it was directed to the wrong person.


Lulu said...

Hah! funny coincidences indeed! This happens to me all the time.

Saned! said...

wow! I had a few coincidences but not as interesting as those...

Hani Obaid said...

Very nice. I used to meet quite a lot of people I've never met who automatically recognize me when I've never met them, but that wasn't so startling as your coincidences since my dad treated a lot of people in his day, and in an Arab city no matter how large, it just always seems like everyone knows everybody else :)

Hareega said...

yep, weird coincidences!

Anonymous said...

Small world, it keeps surprising me.


Ola said...

Chance is the fool's name for fate (A line from a 1934 movie :D) I beleive so

Anonymous said...

I love coincidence...I look for them. Being in the U.S. = socially deprived lol.