Thursday, May 01, 2008


I just found this on eBay!

See.. Brazil won the World Cup in Mexico in 1970.
One of the players, Everaldo, previously sold (or donated) his gold medal.

It's gonna be sold again in an auction on eBay on May 7th.
Starting bid: GBP 10,000.00, or about 20,000 US dollars.

I used to make fun of people paying so much money to buy memorabilia and collectibles.
But now I appreciate it. I totally understand all those who bought a decaying piece of hair from Hitler's butt, or a cheese sandwich that Britney Spears ate before flushing down the toilet.
(And oh Monica, you should sell that dress)


Anonymous said...

You're being sarcastic right? lol

Hareega said...

No, I would totally pay 20K dollars for that medal, not really for britney's piece of shit, but for that medal, i'd buy it and hang it on the wal and kneel in front of it ten hours a day.
Even if I needed this money to get married I'll postopne my wedding to buy this medal. This piece of history is more important than any woman I'm gonna get married to (OK now I offended the whole world, I promise I'll delete this comment once I get married)

Anonymous said...

okkkkkkkkkkkkk! There goes Hareega lol. /me sings Hareega burnin' not concernin' about blablabla