Saturday, May 17, 2008


I was driving. I thought about ordering something to-go on my way home.

I called a local restaurant.
"Hi, can I order something to-go?"
"Sure, under what name?"
"Can you say that again?"
"Faris, Faris, Faris"
"No, Faris, Farris, Faaaris, Feris, Ferris, Fay-rais.... Faris, Faris, FARIS"
"Sorry I can't hear you"
"It's Faris, F as in Frank.... A as in Adam...."
"So it's an order for Frank and Adam?"
"No, it's for Faris, Ferris, as in Ferris Beuller? Like in Ferris' Bueller's Day Off. No? The movie. Ferris Bueller? No?"
"Sir I can't understand you! Under which name do you want to place your order?"
"Faris. FARIS. Ok never mind. I'll go by Edward"
"Yes, I just changed my name to Edward. Please make the order in Edward's name. Edward. Do you know how to spell Edward?"
"Ok Edward"
"Awesome! Edward. Thank you! I'll go by Edward"

I took a deep breath and hung up.
Then I realized that I forgot to order.


Ghassan Yonis said...

"...Then I realized that I forgot to order."

hahahaha :D.. hilarious..
was that for real!

Hareega said...

it was