Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just like the Tafili Joke

On the weekend I was in Atlanta. I visited "The World of Coca Cola" with another friend. We spent over an hour inside visiting the exhibition and a couple of movies about the history of Coca Cola. We saw some old commercials about Coca Cola from different parts of the World. At the end of the tour we had the opportunity to tatse different Coca Cola products from more than 30 countries. Each country had its own product of Coca Cola that came in a different flavor.
As we were leaving, I turnd to my friend, "Hey my stomach is heavy, I think it's from all the Pepsi that we drank"
Here's a great Pepsi commercial. I love the Arabic version of it but couldn't fnd it.


Sami said...

So you were in Atlanta! Man you should ring the bell next time so we can "ngoom belwajeb" ...:)

kinzi said...

Off topic...:D....we've been watching this TV series on DVD called "House" (you know I don't watch TV), and there are times the guy's sense of humor reminds me of you. Especially these days, whoa, bitdahukni inta.

ياسمين حميد said...

I didn't get the joke...

The...PEPSI that you drank?
The PEPSI commercial?
Ah law bisma3ook as7ab Coca Cola!
Bte3rifsh inno Pepsi bitkon Dhorret Coca Cola?

Hareega said...

sami, next time, get the jameed ready from now

kinzi, i'll write about House MD once, until then make sure you don't believe any of the medical things they say

Yasmine, the joke is very similar to this. Coca Cola was banned from Jordan until about 15 years ago because of some "Israeli connections"- not exactly sure what that means

Ghassan Yonis said...

very hilarious.. we call every soda a "pepsi", every paper tissue a "kliniks" or "fine", every bottled water "seha" lol.. kollo 3end el 3arab sawa :D

as for "..some Israeli connections- not exactly sure what that means".. it's very well known the coca coal is big supporter a israel and part it's sales goes to support israel.. I hope you know what it means now (btw: I still don't drink coke - the government can allow or ban what ever they want)

Hareega said...

ghassan, a lot of companies support israel. a lot of actors/singers also supported israel publicly and vigorously and their movies or songs were not boycotted

Ghassan Yonis said...

as I said: the government can allow or ban what ever they want.. I think most things done by Arab governments is chaotic and unorganized, as for me, when ever I find a corp. or a brand that support israel by funding, I boycott it.. it's the least we can do! I know some people are only good for negativity by saying it won’t do a thing or you can’t boycott them all.. well, it’s an easy simple thing to do considering there are people actually dying, massacres are done, and new settlements being build every now and then, believe me; you can live without those brands.. it’s not the end of the world..

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