Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jordanian on Top of Mount Everest

According to Al-Ghad newspaper, Jordanain Mustafa Salameh Mahmoud became the first Jordanian to plant the Jordanian flag on top of Mount Everest.

Thanks Hamzeh for the news alert!
UPDTAE: The Edinburgh Weekly is reporting on it here. Apparently it's Salameh's 3rd attempt to climb Everest. At least two Arabs before him (and not one as the paper reported) succeded in climbing the highest mountain on earth.


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Jihad said...

be careful. I did not hear it from any other source but Al-Ghad, which is known for sloppy journalism. I would take this info with a grain of salt until a more credible non-Jordanian source confirms. We are used to years of reports about bullshit accomplishments. This could be another pile on top. So let's hold off opening the champaign bottle.

now if anyone can check this and tell me if I have missed the news:


Hareega said...

Jihad... I found it on another source
(Edinburgh Evening News!) - not sure how credible that is, but it seems like it's true.
I already drank half of the champaign bottle

Lulu said...

Well, it is about time!

Rani Dababneh said...

cool :)
and thanx for visiting my related article here:
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