Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Most Obnoxious Evil Despicable Wicked Nasty Awful Appaling Dreadful News Coverage for Today with Hareega

- The Jordanian government lost about 100,000 JDs today after cancelling a deal with a British investor to open a casino in Jordan.
The amount lost was going to be only 50,000 but the ministers decided to gamble on it.

- More attacks of terrorism have struck Sri Lanka yesterday.
The results: Fear, anxiety, and a 10,000 unwashed dishes.

- Today Yale University has awarded an honorary degree to former Beatles member Paul McCartney.
This comes as another step from the University to improve its reputation after most people knew that George Bush was one of its graduates.

- Scientists have now developed a special kind of underwear for men that can measure their blood pressure.
Here's how it works.... when the underwear expands to three times its normal size, you know that the man's blood pressure is rising very quickly (evil joke).

- Today Barack Obama, who is black, clarified some of the comments he had mentioned earlier about his grandfather freeing some Jews from a concentration camp in World War II, which turned out not to be true.
He said that his grandfather had the intention to do so, but he couldn't move well because of all the chains he was tied up to.

- A study published today revealed that exposure to lead can result in both brain damage and law-breaking behavior.
Co-incidentally, there were 200,000,000,000 tons of lead discovered today in the corners of the Jordanian Parliament.


Isam said...

DUDE that story turned out to be true he just mentioned the wrong concentration camp ...

dude seriously do not mess with Obama ... its bad karma ... u dont want to end up like Hillary do u ?

Hareega said...

I wish I can end up like Hillary, at least with her money and having a powerful spouse that can be manipulated so easily

tommy said...

He said that his grandfather had the intention to do so, but he couldn't move well because of all the chains he was tied up to.

You'll have to explain that one to me. The grandfather in question is white and Obama's black relatives come from Kenya. He's not an African-American in the historical sense.

Hareega said...

shit tommy, most people think of obama as black and not half-black, and even if his grandfather i'm referring to was black, slavery was abolished before his time... but it was a joke , now it's not funny anymore, thanks

Yalie said...

hey! We produced amazing people in different fields. Don't diss Yale!! Ok, fine, Bush was a mistake...blame it on his dad.