Friday, May 02, 2008

At the office

I was at the secretary's office when my program director (boss) walked in.

He's a very friendly older guy from Texas, never been to any Arab country, never been to the Middle East.

"Hey Ferris, what's up with Bahrain?"

"What's wrong there?"

"They're really angry over there!"

"Why? Why?"

"You know, that singer, what's her name.... Waaahbee.... they don't want her there"

"Oh! Too bad, she's a good singer!"

"Yeah, I love her singing eh eh eh"

"Sure, I love her singing too :) eh eh eh "

Boss left the room.
Secretary, "I don't know who that singer is, but looks like she's a real slut"


Anonymous said...

LOOOOOOOOL!! lah lah Hareega, Ragab 7osh sa7bak 3ani wallaw? and boos el wawa? yee ma32ool mdabdabeh haik 7ala kanet in a concert? indeed a low life.

Hareega said...

Sometimes low-life people can be very popular. They alos make excellent "singers" hehe

secratea said...

i also couldn't help blogging about it, especially after seeing it reach BBC, lol
i really do hope Bahrian allows her to appear on their show because i want to see what "modest" is in the Haifa dressing code. lool

Hareega said...

sure very modest