Wednesday, May 14, 2008

All the News from Hareega

* Jenna Bush, the daughter of George Bush, got married on the weekend. Currently she's spending her honeymoon with her husband.
So her husband is doing to her now what her father has done to the whole world for a long time.

* Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is under pressure for corruption. I don't want to say he's unpopular, but today a female member in the Israeli Parliament called Olmert the "Basem Awadallah of Israel".

* The prize awarded for capturing Al Qaeda leader in Iraq has dropped from 5 million dollars to one million dollars.
So it's now official: Al Qaeda leader is less worth than most NBA players.

* It appears that the song "Head under water and you tell me to breathe easy for a while" became so popular. Some people consider it to be the biggest hit this year.
In fact, it is so famous that the FBI is considering making it the official song of the Guantanamo Bay area.

* An American teacher has been arrested after she had sex with several students in her class. All of these students were on the honor list.

I wonder if the US court may consider this "an honor crime"

* A woman has won a settlement against a restaurant that had asked her to leave their women's restrooms because she didn't look like a woman.
The woman was excited about the settlement and mentioned that she will use the money won to shave her balls.


Moabite said...

First piece of news... Awesome! For such masterpieces I am always coming back... Thanks!

Hareega said...

Thanks moabite!