Sunday, May 18, 2008

Latest Hottest Best News Coverage from Hareega

** A Jordanian ship carrying aids to Somalia has been hijacked by pirates near the Somali shores.

The Jordanian authorities have blamed the Somalis for failing to protect their shores and for indirectly encouraging the hijackers by showing "Jazeerat al-Kanz" on their TV continuously since 1986.

** The number of deaths in the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone has increased to 133,000 people.
The local authorities are concerned that the number of deaths may increase to levels comparable to those of a Jordanian traffic accident.

** Yesterday gay marriage has become legal in California.
In other news, the Saudi Arabian Airlines mentioned a ten-time increase in the purchase of the Riyadh-Los Angeles tickets.

** The number of deaths from the earthquake in China increased to 29,000 people.
This deficit in population is expected to be replaced by the Chinese within 24 hours.

** Meanwhile, the Jordanian national football team is leaving to China. There is a concern that 29,000 more Jordanian will have fatal heart attacks after watching their next game.

** The price of gold has significantly increased yesterday.
This rise may affect the dozen remaining Jordanian women who haven't yet sold their jewelery.

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