Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More Breaking News

* A 4-year old Jordanian boy was tragically killed when he was hit by a car.
Meanwhile, Egyptian president Husni Mubarak celebrated his 80th birthday.
Approximately 100% of Egyptians wished that those fates were reversed.

* An Egyptian professor mentioned recently that mens' faces should be covered because they act as a temptation for women.
He later withdrew his remarks after seeing a picture of Michael Jackson.

* HM King Abdullah visited Azerbaijan. He was really excited about the trip.
After all, Azerbaijan's president is the only person left from a place ending with an "-an" that he can talk to.

* Condoleezza Rice had talks today with Israeli PM Ehud Olmert.
During the meeting, Olmert said he was astonished from the global outrage about the price of rice, mentioning that "rice" has never been cheaper.

* Scarlett Johansson got engaged.
Based on her judgement in selecting her movies, this engagement is expected to last for approximately 48 hours.

* A recent study is showing that pain killers can cut down on the risk of dementia (forgetfulness).
In other news, John McCain was bragging about not taking a pain killer in his entire life.

* Brazilian footballer Romario announced last month that he was retiring. His fans were shocked. They thought he retired a decade ago.

* In Algeria, it was reported that 977 Algerians died in the last 3 months from road-traffic accidents.
That number was inspiring to the Amman municipality, who contacted the Algerians asking, "What's your secret?"


Jad said...

dude, what kind of crackers do you take? please please enlighten me

Hareega said...

I'm having light hours at work mazaji rayeg

Ali said...

Man that is so funny and sad, but het I loved the Michael Jackson one

mab3oos said...

the Romario one is so true

lost within said...

LOL @ Rice and the Algeria one !
sup with doctors today?! it seems that every one is feeling like
ta7sheesh el yom !

Hareega said...

el mazaaj rayeg!