Sunday, May 04, 2008

Latest Breaking News and My Observations

* A recent study in Jordan found that 94% of Jordanian journalists practise self-censorship. The other 6% are in jail.

* A Syrian and a Jordanian were arrested with accusations of trading human organs.
When questioned, the Jordanian suspect mentioned that the organ that was least expensive among Jordanians was the middle finger, due to overuse.

* Bahrain may appoint a Jewish Bahraini woman to become its new ambassador to the US.
It's amazing how minorities in Arab countries are making the news these days, speaking of course of Bahranis.

* Mahmoud Abbas underwent a heart procedure at King Hussein Medical Center last week.
There were unconfirmed reports that during the procedures, the Jordanian government offered to sell his heart to the Kuwaitis for 2 million dollars.

* The private doctors' fees in Jordan will increase this month. Doctors were delighted. Not only that this increase will bump up their profits by 20%, but it was also increase the number of their patients by 2000%.

* A new medical test that can predict menopause was developed in the Netherlands.
Interestingly, the same test could be used to detect "global warming".


ياسمين حميد said...

I love your observations.
Did you consider turning them into a podcast?

caroline said...

really funny hareega....u should leave medicine and start ur own TV show,u'll make more money than the 'private docs of amman':)

Maha said...


Scarlett Lion said...

Hi Hareega - I'm Glenna, another blogger ( and a journalist proper. I found out about your blog from Amira and Rising Voices/Global Voices. I'd love to ask you a few questions for a story I'm working on about citizen media. I sent an email to the address listed on this blog, but I know those are often secondary addresses. So, if you get this comment before the email, please drop me a line at glennagordon at gmail dot com. Thanks! GG

Anonymous said...

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