Friday, May 23, 2008

Rated R- Some Don't Like It Hot

This is not a model.
This is not a porn star.
This is Danica Patrick, an Indy car driver and the first woman to win an Indy car race since these races started in 1916.

Like most people, I don't care about this race. I haven't seen any such race before. I don't even consider operating a machine while sitting on your ass a sport.

However, a woman finally decided to compete with men and she proved that a woman can win a competition that is considered very "manly".

Men don't have good sports in the world of sports. Whenever a woman defies and defeats them, they don't take it well. They become demeaning, condescending, and do anything to show that the woman is just a little bitch can't not taking things seriously like they do.

And here's the example. Danica has been a serious driver since 2005. The moment she started seriously competing with men, the moment all the eyes were right on her, the media started sexualising her image, just like they try to do with any female celebrity, or just any successful female. (Can you believe they used to call Hillary Clinton a chick!)

They asked her to take off her clothes, because if she had decided to leave the kitchen then she should at least entertain men and show some flesh, and indeed she did. She had the option not to, but she decided otherwise. Money talks after all. They proved that yes she might be a good driver but she will show some skin when they want her to. They couldn't call her a bitch because that's sexist but they proved she's a slut for money.
This is not good for sports. This is not good for women.


mab3oos said...

naaah, she is flat-chested.

za3tar said...

I'm surprised you're surprised!

Sex Sells! All over the world. Otherwise why are many of those new female Arabic "singers" on the air ?

Roba said...

i think its cool, i mean, if she got what she wants doing that, then good on her.

loolt said...

It is a shame that she agreed.

I liked what you said: "because if she had decided to leave the kitchen then she should at least entertain men and show some flesh,"

lol, sums it up really :)

Amy said...

amen to that :)

Anonymous said...

You are reading this all wrong: she CHOSE to be in the magazine to show that a feminine woman can compete in a masculine sport. Nobody is forcing her, nobody is objectifying her... if anything she's in the "driver's seat".

Hareega said...

Roba and Anonymous... I look at it differently. Although she has the right to do whatever she wants to, and I support that right, but I'm getting mixed messages and getting more confused with the "showing her feminity". I know that she's a female, but she doesn't need to show me her breasts to prove that. The porn industry is not short of women who can do a better job showing their bodies that Danica did.
It's the same thing having Indira Ghandhi or Fairuz or Helen Keller showing their skin to get famous! We know they're women, but why to show skin to grab more attention? That's not their job; there are a whole bunch of girls who are willing to do so to advance more in their careers.

za3tar... singing is a bit different from sports. Sex does sell everywhere but it shouldn't sell in sports. That just pisses me off.

Mohanned said...

Dude, don't you know that the Indy fans support McCain in droves?

Batoul said...

I agree with you. Feminity has been so misinterpreted lately. I find this UNgraceful.

Hani Obaid said...

In her place, I would do the same thing!

Hareega said...

Mohanned ... indeed they are!

batoul... it's a bit difficult for me to understand feminity

hano obaid, i might do the same thing but i'll guess they pay me not to pose like this.