Friday, May 02, 2008

Latest Breaking News and Hareega's Observations

* Royal Jordanian (RJ) has reported a significant profit increase of 31%. RJ have promised the Jordanian government that they'll achieve such profit once Nader Al-Thahabi leaves them.

* Bayern Munich of Germany lost 4-0 to a Russian team in Russia this morning.
The Germans were shocked. It's the first time they were crushed so badly in Russia without Hitler being involved.

* Sami Al-Hajj, al-Jazeera photographer, was released today and will return home. The US government held him in Guantanamo, isolated from the world, for six years without pressing charges against him.
In other news, the US government is considering an application to join the Arab League.

* More politicians who were under Bill Clinton are now supporting Barack Obama. Hillary cannot understand it. After all, she was never under Bill Clinton.


Hani Obaid said...

This is great. You should do standup!

You reminded me of something I did When I was a kid, whenever my aunt from Germany would visit, we would do a talent show for her. Since I was the youngest I would only read the funny news.

It would always start with:
Hajama Al-Roos 3ala Sa7en Magdoos :)

Ola said...

Seriously! You can make a great standup comedian... You might wanna switch your career :D

caroline said...

RJ is making profit selling tickets and r building their new huge headquarters in 5th circle area,i watched the assassat built from the doc's room in the arab medical center...and the government is making profit thru selling amman, tearing it down and the rebuliding makes sense:selling=profit= new building

Hareega said...

thanks for reading! I had some similar experiences when I was a kid but I prefer not to mention them!

caroline, RJ can buy and sell whatever they want , but the government hmm!