Friday, September 19, 2008

The Mother of All Poems

To honor my readers I decided to share this beautiful poem reflective of my pure talent with them. Before you forward it to all of your friends and family do not forget to mention the reference. All Rights reserved to me.

Hareega (aka Al Akhtal Al-Kabeer)

It's always the same old story,
dying without glory
And it's the end now my friends
of my beautiful life
good-bye my wife
I hated you with all my heart
you tore me apart
If there's one Satan up there
he's got a partner downstairs
Evil comes in pairs
At the Gates of Heaven I will be asked
Why I picked the spoiled brat
to be my wife, forgive me Lord
for I've chosen a biaatch
to mother my kids, but let it be
for all what I see
are angels smiling down at me
My life I adored
My wife I abhorred
Now I'm laying on my bed
with agony and dread
for my destiny I'm waiting
my thoughts are hibernating
inside my warm memory of broken dreams
shining through the vacuum with broken beams
Oooops... wait a second or two
I smelled something, like a rotten onion or a dirty shoe
I just farted my friends, a fart or two
and I feel better, wo-hooo
my colon was stimulated
I'm elated
for all the time I debated
if I was departing this empty world
I was just constipated
and now I'm born again
I'm born again

(Little Note: the above poem is not based on a true story. I don't have a wife or kids, and I'm not constipated. But I wanted to share this with you to inspire the coming generations and provide a material for literature students in universities around the globe)


secratea said...

HOLY GUACAMOLE! what an epiphany-like experience!

7amdella 3al salameh, dude! LOL

bella said...


How did you go from regretting a lifetime of being married to suddenly being happy that you farting?

I will never understand men!

The Observer said...

looool! hilarious! you are talented man :)

Mais said...

Enta wa7ad Nahfeh... :) I enjoyed it

NasEr said...

keep up the good work man!

whisper said...

it's not only the mother of all poems's the whole family

but i think there is a true part of the poem hehehe

Batoul A. said...

LOOOOOL! I always come here for the laughs...

asoom said...

Serously this is Genious!

So did you not realize you farted until after you actually smelled it? If that's always the case that could cause you some serious problems.

Hareega said...

I would like to thank all my readers above who enjoyed this magnificient spiritual experience of reading this poem. If you would like to describe how this experience will alter your life feel free to describe it in no more than 5000 words.