Wednesday, September 03, 2008

News .... News.... News.... Before Iftar

** The Japanese are looking for a new prime minister. Whoever gets selected will become their 11th in the last 15 years. The Jordanians, due to their long experience in this field, gave advice to the Japanese but that wasn't helpful. It's just that there aren't too many retired directors of failing airlines or plenty of directors of profit only-based awful private universities in Tokyo.

** Hurricane Gustav is hitting New Orleans these days. Every country likes to name its natural disasters with special names. In the US they call them Gustav and Katrina. In Ukraine it's called Chernobyl and in Iraq it's called democracy.

** John McCain has appointed Sarah Palin as his running and right away the media started exposing dark pages from her past. Her husband was arrested for drunk driving 22 years ago. She used to be a member of a party that called for Alaska's independence from the United States. She abused her power as Governor to fire people from their jobs. There are too many scandals surrounding her that George Bush wished he had picked her to be his vice president.

** A recent outbreak of Salmonella affecting thousands of people in the US is over. The source of Salmonella has not been identified.
However, CIA agents are trying to see if that could be related to news about Bin Ladin's attempt to buy hummus beans from restaurants in Jerash.

** UAE business men purchased the British football club Manchester City yesterday. They were planning to purchase a club in the capital, but they couldn't find direction when they googled Lindin.

** Italy has agreed to pay Mo'ammar Al-Qaddafi five billion dollars as a compensation for its occupation of Libya during the last century.
As a result of that, the leaders of the remaining 21 Arab countries sent official requests to the Italians asking them to invade their countries.

** A British couple will go on trial next week for allegedly having sex on a beach in Dubai. The man is expected to be found guilty for violating the Dubai laws, which forbid men from having sex with anyone other than a Russian hooker.

** Jordan has signed a nuclear treaty with China, which will allow Jordan to have its own nuclear plant by the year 2015.
It even gets better. By the year 2050, it is expected that each Jordanian citizen will be able to afford buying his own gas cylinder.


Mohanned said...

"She was arrested for a drunk driving 22 years ago"

It was her husband.

caroline said...

5libya is not going to notice the difference of the billions,bec qadafi will have many 'productive' ways of spending them.
I have no idea what the emiratis will do to Man United,hope not ruin its image in any way.

Hareega said...

Mohannad... you're right it was her husband, bas khallini atalle3 esha3at enha hiyyeh.

caroline... it is manchester City and not United, I think City is a bit older and it has more fans although united is the better club. I think buying it will have a positive impatc, the Emiratis will just pour money into the club and bring good players and good coaches

Nadia Norvang said...

...In Iraq it's called democracy...

Tragic - but non the less true

NasEr said...

LOOOOL , "When they googled Lindin" that was genius :D

but you need to double check your Palin facts ! her husband was arrested for DUI not her, and why exactly didn't u bring up her teenage daughter pregnancy ? it comes with the package :d

Hareega said...


Mais said...

couldn't the salmonella part be due to Shawerma sandwiches sent from Amman to US students!! you know the tendency of Arab mothers to send food to their studying or working abroad sons and daughters is an ongoing trend..... :p

blogJordan said...


Your Palin'drones include some memes appearing on the ever growing list of "Myths about Sarah Palin."

Currently, the count is up to 71, but I'm sure by September's end, it'll be up to an even 100.

Meanwhile, nobody is talking about actual issues - like the implications of Fannie Mae requiring a bail out and how a given administration will prevent such situations downline.