Thursday, November 19, 2009

Egypt-Algeria: An Honor Crime

Today in the Egypt-Algeria match I am hoping for a huge fight to erupt, and for both teams to be kicked out of the qualifications allowing Zambia in 3rd place to make it to the World Cup.

The only 2 matches I was eager to watch last week were Tunisia-Mozambique where Tunisia unfortunately lost 0-1 allowing Nigeria to qualify instead. Bahrain also lost 0-1 to New Zealand and was relegated. For the first time since 1978, Arabs will represented by only one team in the World Cup finals, but that doesn't seem to be that important anymore.

Overall I'm disappointed that the Egyptian and Algerian honor is now about a football game. Things used to be very different a few decades ago.

Anyway, I'll be watching, in hope that Al-Akhdar Balloumi will jump onto the field and start pulling eyes out and for angry fans to finish the job of burying Algerians by throwing whatever rocks they had left from last week on their heads. Go Zambia! Make Africa proud again!


Slash said...

Things really used to be very different; it's a disgrace.

Sha5bo6 said...

Tunisia is the best representative for the Arabian football, they lost even they only needed draw.

Also, my favourite Arab team Bahrain even they could have scored the penalty kick and pass to the finals. that was really frustrating.

ahmedshehab1 said...

I Hope that the Algerian Regime quit mobilizing criminals and exporting terrorism to Football Matches as it is and must remain a SPORT.

bathmate said...

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