Thursday, November 05, 2009

MikrO-bloGGinG.... Da3 3anka Lawmi Fa Inna Allawma Ighra2oo... Daweni Billati Kanat Heya Al Da2oooo, Da2oo.. Daal

* I was surfing the web and accidentally got into Hayfa Wahbi's website. Only 10 seconds after I opened it my eyes got herpes and my keyboard contracted syphilis.

* I was recently in Washington D.C. and visited a museum there where I saw the surgical tools that American surgeons used during the civil war in 1865. Those tools were in that museum temporarily. Their next destination was going to be the operation room in Prince Hamza Hospital in Irbid.

* I understand how terrible H1N1 can be, but if you smoke 3 packs of cigarettes and enjoy a ginormous seder of mansaf everyday don't worry much about H1N1. Something else will get you faster.
* Real Madrid has to call it quits. I'm not from Madrid and I don't like that team but I already feel offended by everything they have done since Hugo Sanchez realized he was too fat to do his acrobatic somersault after each goal. And Madridians don't worry when Real Madrid is gone, there is a more respectable team from Madrid that is already representing you better than Real Madrid, its name is Alcorcon.

* I will open a grocery store in Amman and call it "tomorrow we're having a snow storm min asel qotbi" ... that's called good business.

* Thank God for Joe Lieberman and Bernie Madoff, just for giving me the opportunity to cuss some Jews without being labelled anti-Semite.

* A few Jewish rabbis were arrested last month in New York in connection with money laundry and selling human organs to be used in transplantation. Those are the kinds of crimes that improve your reputation as smart asses. Arabs need to learn a little bit from that. Money laundry... that's some smart shit. Release Majd Al-Shamayleh now.

* Governments should never interfere with women's reproductive rights. However if you already had 3 kids and they're clearly going to become as trashy as you are, the government has the right to come to your room at the middle of the night and rip your belly open without anaesthesia and blow away your uterus with the ovaries in order to save the world. I would vote for such law.

* Seven Jordanians died of H1N1 so far. Ten times that number died while watching our football team lose to UAE 3-1. We need to set our priorities straight. Before vaccinating the nation send our football players to jail.

* Jordanian newspapers need to shut down their websites. Period.

* I didn't ask to be Jordanian. I just got lucky.................. ok now let's stop bullshitting each other and tell me how can I get a Canadaian passport.

* Alec Baldwin will co-host of the Oscars next year. Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize. Today the Vatican announced that the next Pope will be Sinead O'Connor.
* Hillary Clinton is starting to take Israel's side during the ongoing negotations between Palestinians and Israelis. Someone should remind her that it wasn't us who sent Lweisnky to her husband's desk (- to go under his desk, to be more accurate)
(The picture above is of Jordanian politician Mona Abu Bakr. The FDA approved the picture for use in most blogs, but warned against side effects that include nausea, diarrhea, rectal prolapse, hand-foot-mouth disease, erectile dysfunction, losing your house and job and attention deficit disorder. Use with caution. )


kinzi said...

Thanks for that classic Hareeeeeega morning chuckle.

Whisper said...

LOOOL love it
specially #2
While reading it, the end of the sentence crossed my mind but for Albasheer hospital :D

Another side effect for the picture, it may cause dieing from laughing
"breathless" :$

Hareega said...

kinzi you're welcome!

Whisper... yeah, kind of applies to many hospitals in Jordan

Anonymous said...

Dr hareeeeeega are you sure that the pic you posted is a she? coz my friend is saying that you are etkhawathing

e7tirami a fan of yours

Ahmad Hamdan said...

No. 2, 3 and the las tone are aweome, thanx man for making us have a good laugh

San Antonio Cicily said...
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San Antonio Cicily said...


soreal said...

god! hareega is on fire today!

never the less, 8 was nasty :P

Hareega said...

Anonymous.. yes that's her. She kind of looks like me, only better

Ahmad Hamdan.. good to see you here again

Cicily, I think we all agree with you on that lol

soreal.. yep a little nastiness is necessary sometimes

Anonymous said...

man i love sarcasm

*Prince Hamzeh Hospital is not in Irbed... e5s kam saneh b amreekya nseet soroo7 al watan al tebbeyyeh

Anonymous said...

Hilarious !!

Hareega said...

irbid zarqa aqaba swaile7.. kullo wa7ad

Rana Al Sha'bani said...

Good grocery name, you will make money in no time!