Monday, December 07, 2009

My 20-second encounter with Sarah Palin

I love Sarah Palin. After all, she is the reason Barack Obama was elected for president. She visited South Dakota, where I currently live, to get connected to her supporters, sign her new book and make an extra buck.
I decided to go for the book-signing because there wasn't anything more fun to do in Sioux Falls for a single guy on a Sunday night (or morning, afternoon...etc) -I have to mention that I had already gone to church that day-.

I also have to mention that I'm a whore for meeting celebrities. My only trip for the gym in Tucson was when Hillary Clinton went there for a speech during her campaign for the democratic seat, even though I was hoping she'd fail. I stood speechless when I saw Jack Nicholson right in front of me in a building in Philadelphia. Even when I pulled out my camera to take a perfect picture of him I could only manage to shoot a photo of some random ass. I also hope his new movie will fail. So it didn't come as a surprise when I found myself going to see Palin today.

I stood in a perfectly organized line of happy people. I don't know how will people meeting St Peter at the Pearly Gates will look like but they won't be as happy as the people I saw today. Standing in line started to become boring, I looked at the (happy) lady in front of me in line,
"So the only book Sarah can sign is her book, right?"
"Yes, don't give her another book to sign" she laughed
" I thought about giving her Obama's book to sign.. ha... haha"
She looked back at me as if I just called her a filthy whore.

I proceeded to see Palin. I started getting a little anxious, "what if she got me deported?" was the only thought in my head. They passed her the book, she signed it and gave it to me,
"What your name?"
"Fares, thank you for coming"
Thinking how everything she had done so far was helping Democrats win elections I told her, "thank you for the great work, keep it going"
"thank you very much", she said, and before I added anything else the security guy next to her looked at me and in his eyes I saw him saying, "move the f--k up or I'm gonna cut you into 400 pieces"

I moved up and bought the book for 18 dollars. Knowing that Donald Trump charges you one million dollars to spend one hour with him, I thought 18 dollars to spend 20 seconds with Sarah Palin was a good bargain. Besides the brief chat I got hold of something that will get a few bids on ebay in 2012 "An unopened, unread personally signed book by presidential candidate Sarah Palin".


jaraad said...

So that actually makes sense now. I heard that she always has long lines for her book singing it seems not all are fans of her, are they? Is she going to be elicited as a president? Man, it would be the end of foreigner existence in this country. Are you going to post a review about the book later? :)

Huba said...

You thank her because of her good job helping Obama win, thst's a funny way to look at it...

kinzi said...

Hareega, you crack me UP!!!!!

Jaraad, I would bet most are fans, Hareega is just the coolest anti-fan there is.

Now you know that with a middle-aged male stuffed shirt as McCain's VP, Obama would have won with a boring 80% margin. Sarah just livened things up a bit, mish?

Save your copy for ebay, but you should read it so you can hear her side of the story, not just Tina and Jon's versions. I've worked for her co-writer, Lynn Vincent, and got a bit of inside scoop on the process. Saving it for NOX. ;)

She was great at the Gridiron dinner, sa7? ;)

KJ said...

I knew ebay had something to do with it

Anonymous said...

Are their alcohol sales on Sundays?

Sami said...

you should have donated the $18 to the church you attended in the morning... it'd have been money will spent.

Hareega said...

jaraad... 60% of Americans think she is not qualified to become president, what worries me is the other 40%

Huba... funny i know! true though

kinzi... if I didn't get any good offers on ebay I'll read, always good to hear the other side of the story.

KJ.. i'm becoming too materialistic

Anonymous... drinking is not too much fun to be honest

Sami... good point, next Sunday I'll drop her book in the money basket