Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Seriously, Switzerland, Seriously, WTF??

Can anyone, even the most islamophobe on earth, explain to me how does a minaret threaten his security?

57% of the Swiss population proved yesterday to be very bigoted, hateful, racist and discriminatory, let alone stupid and dumb.

Even if they believed there were Islamic groups inside Switzerland planning on a terrorist attack, how will prohibiting minaret construction affect their plan? Would they go, "Oh we cannot have more minarets, our plans are screwed?"

The only message that 57% of Switzerland was saying was a fuck you to Muslims, nothing but fuck you. And when you send this message to part of your society many of them citizens of your own country, you cannot come later and blame them for failure of integration into this racist society and ask them to respect the values that are clearly exclusive to people from certain ethnicities and religions.

The people behind this vote were the same people who came up with this cartoon:

It translates into, "for more security" !!!

Got my point?


Sha5bo6 said...

There is a strong link between extremism - nationalism or religious- and stupidity. Bush, Hitler, Mosolini and al zargawe were not smart people, they had a common problem in their logic.

But to be fair, Saudi arabia does not allow Christians to build churches. Also, the response in Europe showed that the decision is refused and isolated -at least at the current time.

Hareega said...

And Saudi Arabia is also bigoted for not allowing churches on its land, but Saudi Arabia doesn't claim to be a country allowing all kinds of freedoms on its land, well maybe they do but everyone knows they don't. I can say at least that Switzerland is desecnding to a very low level

Jay Kactuz said...

The buildings are harmless - but not Muslims. They preach hate and violence. They just don't preach it, they do it. They believe in a god that delights in torture (Or maybe skinning people alive and pouring burning oil down a throat, as it says in the Quran, is ok). They follow a man called Mohammud, that according to Islam's own traditions, attacked, plundered, killed, raped, enslaved men women and children, raped and even beat his 9 year-old wife. Even so the Quran ssays this man is a "moral" example to follow. Even the so-called nice good Muslims except these things.

Note also that everywhere Islam dominates it discriminates and oppresses. In case you haven't noticed, Muslims do not accept freedom of speech and religion nor separation of religion and state. oor maybe you have noticed the human rights situation in islamic societies.

This isn't hate or islamophobia; it is speaking out against a vile, oppressive ideology. For years the West has been nice to Islam and Muslims and we have gotten nothing but hate and violence in return. Muslims refuse to look at the ugly issues in their religion. We need to draw a line in the sand and tell them that they must stop their hate, discrimination and violence.

Oh yes, they can still build their mosques to worshop their moon god and bow to their rock in Mecca. The Swiss ban was just to let them know that we are tired of their tantrums.



a reply to "Jay Kactuz" said...

Kactuz, ermmm, i'm not sure u understand what ur talking about, there's not a single word in ur comment that is just near true.
our God, THE MERCIFUL, does not "delight in torture" the word Islam is derived from "al-salam" wich means peace, whatever they taught u in islamophobic schools is not remotely true, it is clear that u know nothing about Islam, or Mohammad or "Islam's traditions" seriously WTF, raping in islam is punished by the death penalty, so when u -the west- stop raping ur own sons and daughters, u get to talk, when u sober up, u get to talk, when ur clean, u get to talk. (u can start by washing ur butts after u go to the bathroom by the way) and when crimes are ended in ur societies, u get to talk about violence, our religion teaches us to love all people, but it doesnt say that we can sit and watch the women and children in Iraq and Palestine get raped and killed and tortured and do nothing, so yeah we get to defend ourselves....
the hate that u say u got, couldnt have possibly been given by a Muslim, if it had, then they werent acting out of Islam, and when u know nothing, please say nothing... i cant understand how one can so proudly come out and say stuff when they're 100% correct and still be proud of themselves, u just made a fool of urself man

bambam said...

LOL ...
sane Part of the reply I don't really see it as islamophobic just like i don't see banning the call to prayer as islamophobic, plus a mosque that doesn't have a minerat is still a mosque so if the ruling was to ban mosques then that would be a different thing. at the end of the day its politics crying about it won't help, go campaign and over turn it.
to Jay
Have you read the bible lately? there is a whole lot of killing, amputating dicks, raping and pilaging done in the old testament. as for underage marrying do u know who else did it? a whole bunch of prophets! solomon had a 700 wives and 300 concubines ... now beat that :)
As for secularism ... please don't tarnish it by painting it christian, catholics? hello? vatican? secular ... not at all!
to the guy replying to jay
to be honest you need to hit the books, raping in islam is allowed under certain circumstances, if you own the person you can rape them also if they are prisoners you can also rape them ... the only case where its punishable by death is if you were an adulterous women (theoretically man as well but there isn't a single case about it) the only time anyone gets to use the "this is not islam" line is only after he states what is his Islam ...

Eman said...

LOL ! some how i see this Hilarious ! Stupid But Hilarious considering the crazy stuff going on these days !

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Their Country, their rules but so much for their so called secualrism it seems it only isn't accetped when comes to a topic related to islam

As for Bambam:
where is it in islam that raped is allowed if they are prisoners, or your hate for islam makes you accept anything you read, as for punishing audultrey it applies on both, don't take what idiot societies do and blame it on religion. If you are refering to Al-Jawary then straight your facts

As for the one named Jay:
Isn't the united states and Britan secualr countries and yet their hands are full of the blood of those who they have killed with their armies to spread their so called freedom and democracey

kinzi said...

I am working on a post on this topic, knowing many Swiss and having lived in Austria. There is a whole lot more to it than racism and bigotry.

Genki Dama said...
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dprosenthal said...

Really off-the-wall observation: First the Muslims change the skyline, as in Jerusalem, and then lay claim to the land.
Hasn't anyone else begun to wonder why, if Islamic rule is so very desirable, why so many Muslims have left their Arab homelands and infiltrated Europe and North America?
It is not an example of hatred and bigotry to be smart enough to recognize your enemy when he comes to your door. Pull out that old history book and see what happens when nations do not heed early warnings.

Hareega said...

Jay Kactuz, I support the separation between church (or mosque) and state, and if the Swiss constitution states that everyone in the country should respect it, but I don't understand how telling people how to build their mosques will affect any of that.
In Europe there has been a lot of groups and parties that preached hatred and discrimination, I'm sure you realize that. If there any Islamioc groups inside Switzerland that preach this hatred I would strongly support charging them with inciting violence or hatred and I have no problem shutting those groups down and sending its members to jail. But having a law that is targetted towards a religion itself is very provocative.

guy replying to bambam and dprosenthal :) said...

bambam, i cant believe u just said rape is allowed in Islam, it's only the guys that take Islamic rules literally that say that, we dont just take the islamic law like that, what about the Sunna? we are obligated to behave like Muhammad (pbuh) did and he never hurt a single creature... take it this way, hurting people is not allowed in Islam! God does not judge us only according to verses of the Quraan! Islam cares most about ethics and good intentions... i get that ur talking of how a muslim wife must obey her husband, and if u look at this with a narrow perspective u can say "a man can rape his wife" but its so not like that, that would be injust and God Sobhanahu wa Taala is not like that.. do u think God doesnt know when a woman truly cant sleep with her husband right now and when she's just pretending? He is not going to punish someone for something they're physically uncapable of doing, He created us and he knows us more than we know ourselves, we dont just read the rules and laws and leave the other -much wider, much more flexible- part of Islam, the ethics, the intentions the behavior of our prophet and Al-fitra... El Rasoul pbuh told us that we can know what's right and what's wrong by searching in our hearts, and that it's obvious to us. u can know that killing a person is wrong without searching for it in the Quraan, and this also applies to everything else.

dprosenthal, Islamic rule is nowhere to be found in the Arab world, parts of it are applies in Saudi Arabia but also many other wrong things are done there that have nothing to do with Islam or are understood the wrong way just like bambam understood some things. that's why Arabs leave home, it's because the governments are injust and are lead by the US which is in turn lead by Israel, if Islamic rule was applied in the Arab world, u'd find US troops all over Arab land killing their children and raping their women........

bambam said...

ahmad lol if you mean what i read in the quran then yes! just go to 04:03 you'll read it there... thats sorat il nissa where it's hilal to copulate with what you own! I think its you that needs to know his religion not me. i'm also referring to sabaya or better ma malakat iymanohom (those who don't have control over themselves)
as for the punishment of adultary the way its stated in quran it always refers to either the women(04:15-16) the penalty for men is never specified in the quran, except when its 2 men.
Either way, seems like someone needs to read his religion for himself rather than believe the fairy tails that others are telling him.

bambam said...

Please to anyone that wants to say I misunderstood anything please reply with something more that just how you feel about what i said. If you can find anywhere were it says that taking(raping) captives (slaves and prisoners) is not allowed in islam let me know.
Tell then, try to have a better understanding of your religion and get out of your fluffy ignorance.
How did it become a discussion of that... i was just trying to point to the obvious.

bambam said...

shoo can't admit it in a public space that you were wrong ?

Shaima said...

Guys I think u have been talking about raping and hell of a lot stuff forgetting the main subject about the post :)

Hareega: the main issue of this whole craziness is the way where public people were convinced that "minarets can cause NOISE POLLUTION" can u believe that?

by turning the prayer call (al-2athan) in a stereo heads on and riding a motorcycle between people saying " thats whats ure going through if u let the minarets stay"

And that was the main idea of removing or banning minarets in swiss leaving aside the islamophobic people who didnt have a voice untill the decision was done !!

I think as a muslim, its fine for me to have the minarets removed as long muslims can do there prayers all religion related practice !!

After all,its not a muslim country and we will not fight people while we cant protect our own mosques from getting burned or destroyed..:)