Thursday, April 15, 2010

What Is A High-Velocity Tear Gas Projectile?

It's something Israel might use to kill you if you peacefully protest building a wall on your land.
The picture above is of 29-year old Basem Abu Rahme.
Twenty Palestinians have been murdered by Israel while protesting their apartheid wall.
Sadly, they will all be forgotten.


Rula A. said...

..ما عندي إشي أحكيه إلا الله يرحمهم

Tallouza said...

We need to know about them before we can even forget about them. Amazing how significant news gets passed over as irrelevant and in turn we end up with frivolous news instead. Allah yerhamhum and may God have mercy on Palestine and all Palestinians!

San Antonio Cicily said...

If the story was reversed and Palestinians did this you can bet it would be all over the American news! Sad really are Palestinian lives just not important! And Americans wonder why the Arab world hates us so much!

Anonymous said...

great post thanks