Wednesday, September 14, 2005

"Tres" goals.... "Tres" joli

Lyon of France gave Real Madrid with its stars (Roberto Carlos, Beckham, Helguera, and el shabb il jdeed 3al sa7a Robinho) a lesson in what football is and thrashed them 3-0, even missing a penalty which could have made it 4-0.

All goals were scored in the first half, after which Lyon played comfortably to finish the game with an outstanding victory.

Real Madrid spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get the best players in the world, yet they haven't won any championship last year.

Teamwork rules!


Lina said...

Yeah it's been a pleasure rubbing it in the faces of Real Madrid Fans ;) (I hate to be mean but I can't help it)

and AC Milan won too so yesterday was definitely a great football day!!

Hind Sabanekh said...

lol you see the prooblem with real madrid is that they have the best players in the world but they dont have a language in common they are scrambled and from every where how the hell will they be able to communicate!! i'm a barcelona fan

Samir said...

that's funny... I play more than i watch football. I used to like Real Madrid before they started over doing it with the starts.

3:0 fadee7a!