Thursday, September 01, 2005

Blog Day is pathetic

3108 is the Blog Day because "it looks like the word blog"

The one who observed that 3108 looks like BloG is smart
the idea to make it the Blog DAy is a horrible one. That idea suits someone who's 5 years old.

If you wanna have a Blog Day and want it to be remembered, we can choose the day thast the first blog was ever made, or the day a blogger was arrested for what he wrote, or we can come up with other ideas.


Roba said...

I think it's a wonderful idea to encourage bloggers to look beyond their usual limits and into farther spheres to different cultures. Blog Day did just that.

Hareega said...

Agree that the idea of a blog day was good,

the reason why 8/31 was chosen is stupid and might reflect that bloggers worldwide are ridiculuous

because the idea is rediculous

(although the observation was smart)

got my point?

Roba said...

Ohhhh. Hehe, damn, I'm thick :) Good observation dude :P

jameed said...

Your are just not geek enough to appreciate writing with letters and numbers...ask some people around JP, they'll tell you more about it (they know who they are, wink wink)

Roba said...

he333333 Iyas!

hareega said...

Jameed i believe if the turns is down for one week some people will actually die or commit suicide