Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Good-bye Collina.... مع السلامة لقشر ميرندا

"After 28 years I've decided to hand in my resignation."

Pierluigi Collina was due to retire in the summer but the Italian football association extended the maximum age for referees to 46 to accommodate him for a further year.

But yesterday he resigned.

What a character! And what a loss to football.


Laith said...

man sabagtni to write about collina..ijay aktob 3an abu gar3a...a loss for football, good ref, very assertive and in control on the field, very cool and laid back off it.

But when referees start to get sponsored, i guess its a subject that needs to be looked at more closely.

anyways...Collina Rayye7 Rayye7 ...Collina Jay...oo byerfa3 il a7mar 3al raye7 oo jay

Lina said...

He sure will be missed!! This man was really something, and with his sal3a and the look in his eyes... well, his presence on the field was remarkable ;)

Hareega said...

Laith, yes i don't blame the Italian Federation for preventing him from working in Serie A, sponsoring referees sucks,
money is destroying the good old nice football people like.

yes he will be missed, men wain la njeeb 7akam bi gar3a 7amra men el yoom tale3 :D

I remember a Khaleeji commentator in one of the world cup matches saying

كوللينا.... كون لينا و لا تكون علينا

haha that was a good one!!

Roba said...

bi'7awef sheklo ya zalameh..

jameed said...

I am sure he won't find a hard time picking a job with the Blue Man Group...kol ras malha showayet dhan

oh and sponsoring sucks! one reason I still respect Barca although rumors have been circulating for some time.

hareega said...

Jameed ya zalameh i can't believe it i was checking tickets for the blue man group right now man it's 104 dollars per ticket yel3an sheetanhom i dunno if it's worth it or not

i was about to call u but thought oh its 11 pm too late hehehe

samra said...

i used to like ABu sal3a