Tuesday, August 02, 2005

If you really want to help cancer patients.....

If you want really to help cancer patients, you can do something else other than going to a Nancy Ajram concert where 5% of funds would go to cancer patients, or buy LiveStrong bracelets like crazy as if you only do it to help cancer patients.

I worked in king hussain cancer center (al-amal) for a few months, and we had a serious problem: shortage of blood. Many patients (well maybe all of them) needed blood transfusion and the only way to get it was to ask one of the family members to donate.

I once had a patient who needed blood to be transfused on semi-urgent basis. I asked him whether or not he has relatives to donate blood, he just said that his son donated blood so many times that now he's not allowed to do it anymore, he barely had relatives and his son called all of his friends and they stopped showing up to donate blood. You can't imagine how sad he looked like ... Just telling him we can't gibe you the treatment because you don't have enough loved ones to help.

If you really care for cancer victims, you might give them money it usually helps. If not, give them something else.
Blood donation is an example. If you don't like needles , then go get some flowers or toys and knock on any sick child's room and give him a small gift, and the joy you'll bring to that child is just unforgettable. It wouldn't take a long time to think of the family of a cancer victim who are having a hard time coping with their loved one's death. Just go there visit them and you can add a smile to the sad family and their loved one who's watching from heaven.

Blood, a smile, a hug or a flower.... Those are small things that money cannot buy, and those are the very precious things.

And for everything else, there's master card.


madas said...


This was an amazing idea... I absolutely love it.... When I am in Amman i will start a drive for taking toys to Amal center to all the kids there... I will try to contact friends and relatives, maybe ask the bloggers to help... it would be great idea for the Eid and Chritmas that are knocking on the door... brilliant... thanks!

Hareega said...

Mariam I'm so glad to hear that, please don't forget to do that and don't let anyone or anything discourage you!! I remember there were social workers in the center and they'd be happy to organzie any visit there.
Here's a website which might help

Those children know no Eid or Christmas and many have forgotten their birthdays mainly because they won't witness any of them. Really the day when they find a stranger knocking on their door saying s/he is here to say hi and good luck in your fight with thise disease, that day would be as glorious as their birthday or Eid. Anyway please don't forget to help those kids and adults who are sick and just waiting for a word of support :)

ammar said...

It makes me feel sick when ppl use and abuse humane issues to advertise for commercial business.

Jeff said...

What a nice site you have, Miss Reega. I found it from the Antiterrorism Blog: I don't remember where I found that.

But I will come back and keep reading if you keep posting. I hope you're enjoying the Arid Zone!

Hareega said...

Ammar... for the sake of money, people can abuse anything.

Jeff.... I'm not enjoying the Arid Zone this time of the year, at all! Thank you for your support!

jon said...

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God luck with it : )