Monday, August 29, 2005

The teenager who defeated technology

This took place over 30 years ago.....

When a 14-year old girl, weighing 35 kilograms, started playing on the parallel bars in the gymnastics competition in the Olympic Games. She was swimming in the air and everyone was dazzled with her performance.

When she was done, the score showed up.

And you can see it in the picture above:

1.00 out of 10, and the audience was silenced. They were shocked how low that score was.

A few seconds passed before they understood it all, and they went wild.

A score of 10/10 has never happened in gymnastic history before that date, so the scoreboard was not prepared to display a score of 10, there was no room for 10.00. The maximum score which could be displayed was 9.99, so officials had no option but to show a 1.00, la3alla wa 3asa el naas tefham enha 10

That wasn't the only perfect score, she went ahead to score 10/10 six other times during those Olympics.

Nadia Comaneci proved that perfection was not always in the eyes of the beholder.


Ziad said...

We went on a "school trip" to watch her perform during a visit she made to Jordan (I forgot what year it was).

reega reega hareega said...

WOW man so you've seen her! dude how old are you? hehehehe just teasing , bas walla you've seen someone who shook the world in 1976, la halla abooy be7ki 3anha :D

Ziad said...

It was in the early 80's, and I was in 2nd or 3rd grade.

I turned 32 two weeks ago :)

Hareega said...

lol only 32, tab ma3nato lessatak shabab !
seriously dude if you have pictures of her from that trip publish them in ur blog

nasimjo© said...

haaa wella ,,, Khalatee hadol ;)

hehe,do u know that Jordan & Asia's Champion (Yasmeen Khair) is a Romanian Hybrid! yup she is half Jordanian half romanian ,, & her trainer is Romanian Too....

Nadia is her life idiol of course

samra said...

wow ...i feel so ignorant since i've never heard of this ...but my parents were'nt even married yet in 1976 so i'm kinda excused :D

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