Saturday, August 20, 2005

The god that terrorists believe in

the god they believe in is a weapon of mass destruction

a god which rejoices when an innocent person gets killed and a criminal claims victory

a god which tells them they are always right no matter what, a god which made them blind and deaf and inhuamn

The terrorists who attacked Aqaba and previously hit other places definitely believe in a god
which is not God.
It's a god they made, a god they worship and a god they are willing to die for, but it's not God.

God bless Jordan and for those who applaud for terrorists and try to find excuses for their actions , maybe you'll change your attitude when you find a rocket striking your house or burning your children. Many like you did.


Yazan Malakha said...

Too much alcohol in bloodstream? That made absolutely no sense, a minor correction the attack was against two US Naval Vessels not Aqaba.

Yazan Mj Malakha

Hareega said...

very few barin cells in the head?
Attack was performed by a group that killed Arab and Muslim children and who had planned to overtake the regime in Jordan for more than a decade.
What beter excuse than attacking an US target in Jordan?

Maybe if they bomb abdon and kill people there some peope, with your attitude will come up "oh yeah they're targetiing the american embassy"

Violence is a red line.

Yazan Malakha said...

I never claimed they're righteous. Violence is a redline… be it against muslims, christians or jews.

My question is wouldn’t most people cheer had the target been hit and it was an American or an Israeli causality rather than Jordanian?

Hareega said...

answer: maybe.

i still haven't got ur point