Thursday, October 13, 2005

Arizona's Drunk Drivers

Two Arab girls in Mesa, Arizona were going home at 2.30 am, totally drunk, and they struck the motorbike of a 35-year old man, each with her car, killing him.

They stopped by the scene of the accident for a second, then fled.

If you want to drink, please don't drink and drive. If you drink and drive, try not to do it at 2.30 am. If you drink and drive at 2.30 am, please try to avoid hitting people. IF it happened that you hit someone and he fell on the ground full of blood, try to be responsible enough to call for help.
This is the lesson i got from this incident.

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Zaid Amireh said...

can you explain the rational behind emphasising Arab girls, would you have done the same if they were brazilian girls for example?
just curious.

hareega said...

bcoz we are arabs so this piece of news somewhat concrens us. If they were 2 brazilian girls you wouldn't have continued reading the piece of news.

Also to stress that arab girls (and guys) are not more clean that america "sluts" as many refer to them that way

Media might take advantage of it... that's right!

M!R@CHK@ said...

Oh my God they even look scary :(

Firas said...

Why did u have to post their photos?!!They are hideous!

Now, Hareega I don't really care about them...they are ARabs, I'm not, and my community in Jordan is so different than theirs?!

They come from an oppresive when they left to the US, they couldn't handle all the freedom they got so they start acting foolishly!
Lol, most of students who come from such places,with no proper raising up ,act stupid...Just ask ur freinds, about what Arab female students are doing...
Though those "stupid" guys and girls are few...mostly from these oppresive societies...

Hareega said...

Well Firas Many americans do the same thing and they are not necessarily from an oppressive society, i wanted to show that our girls are not angels sent from the sky and our men can be much worse too