Friday, October 21, 2005


We complain of our leaders, yet when the worst of them being trialed we resent it and consider it a humiliation to Arabs.

Maybe it's a humiliation to us that a foreign force has come from across the ocean and is changing our leaders... but to start with, we humiliated ourselves.

We had Iraqi people complaing of how brutal Saddam was, yet we were cheering for the leader who "struck Israel" and is willing to unify Arabs, and we now we treat him like a hero and we consider his daughter an angel even feeling pitty for her. Was she happy for the innocent girls who've been raped by her brother or the innocent citizens who did the mistake of their life and complained only once about their living situation to have their life ended in front of their children?

Saddam is not the only one who needs to go to jail, but this man deserves no pitty and no excuse can be found to defend him or his family.


Amr said...

I couldn't agree more. Where was the Arab pride for the past 20 years when Saddam's regime planted fear in the lives and even thoughts of Iraqi's.
As much as the thought of George Bush and his Gang makes me grind my teeth, in reality the Iraqis now have a chance for something all arabs dream of. A chance for a democracy, it is up to them to make it a reality.

Anonymous said...

kinzi said...

RRH and Amr, thanks for voicing your opinions! I've known Iraqi refugees from the Iran war, Saddam's war on Kurds, and the Gulf War for 18 years now. This has been their cry. First they wondered why no brothers help, why it had to be the infidel - adding to the shame of helplessness. Now they are astounded that brothers are actually coming to undermine their future and what could be an incredible future for the whole Middle East.