Sunday, October 23, 2005

The Unrecognizable Success

When HIV was first reported in human beings quarter a century ago, there was no treament for it. In the early 80s it was still that horrible virus which would kill anyone who would get it. Years passed and new treatments started evolving, and patients started living much longer and having better qualities of life.

The shocking fact is that if someone is now diagnosed with HIV, his/her life expectancy is unchanged given that he has good follow-up with physicians.

Although there's still no cure or vaccination for HIV, the advances in the treatment of its carriers over this relatively short period of time is just amazing.

Although scientists have been winning one battle after another in fighting HIV, and although they have saved so many lives, we still see many people complaining of how "all the research done on HIV" has been infertile.

Please don't be one of those.


jameed said...

noone denies the sucess that has been achieved, but think of access to therapy and of drug resistance; also think of non-compliance and viral reservoirs.

hareega said...

The difficult access to medications is a huge problem expecially in poor Africa where most people and governments cannot afford an expensive 3-drug regimen to be given to each HIV patient for a long time, and what makes it worse is when politics interfers with the supply of medications like the super stupid ex- S.African presidnet MBeke alla yekhreb baito who restricted the use of antiretorvirals in his country.

Complaince is something scientists or doctors also have very little to do with. Most problems with the distribution of the medications are related to economy and politics, but science has done its great part and is still doing it.

hareega said...
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