Sunday, July 13, 2008

Best Most Sincere Original Jordanian and Efranji News Around the Clock from Hareega

- A large fight broke in Tafilah Tech University, resulting in mild injuries to its president and several other students.
Jordanians are in a state of shock. They never knew there was a tech university in Tafileh.

- By the way, the president of the Tafileh University is from Salt. The university is well-known to be the only place on earth where nobody is allowed to say even one joke.

- A doctor in the Islamic Hospital in Amman was attacked by a visitor. The CIA released a statement today stating the visitor was acting in self-defence.

- A prostitute in Kentucky was arrested after she was trading sex for free gas. She appeared to be very frustrated explaining how she had to trade sex for oil because the Russian prostitutes were stealing all the good Dubai jobs from the American prostitutes.

To the majority of the good people living in Kentucky, this woman is considered to be the filthiest thing associated with Kentucky since KFC.

- Barack Obama will meet with HM King Abdullah later this month in Amman. Jordanian officials have read a script of the speech Obama will have on this occasion and asked his staff to delete the statement that said, "If it wasn't for his father, George Bush would have never become the president of the United States" from the speech.

- Many mosquitoes carrying the West Nile virus were detected in the US. As a result of this President Bush have ordered his troops in Iraq to better control all mosquitos flying around the Nile River.

- Syria and Lebanon decided to open embassies in each others' countries for the first time in history. There is still no word on the date when they will open or the method by which they will be bombed.

- Jordanian PM Nader Al-Dhahabi left to Paris to represent Jordan in the Mediterranean Union summit.
Meanwhile, The Parliament has demanded an immediate release of all Al-Dhahabi's geography scores in high school.

- Ammon News mentioned today that a man in Karak has lost 21 million dollars in business deals. It doesn't mention details of how this Karaki man lost his money but it is feared it had something to do with Al-Salt Document released earlier this year that limits the number of "manasef" served in any occasion to only ten.

- Despite the political unrest in Iran, the Jordanian Football Association is still planning to send the football team to participate in the Western Asian Games in Tehran next month.
In fact, most Jordanians are hoping for Iran to be bombed while the team is still there.


Anonymous said...

very funny, thanks for the laugh 3a hal sobo7 :D specially the last one lol

Hareega said...

thank you sel3!

Mala2e6 said...

loooooool hareega I am your no ! fan..this is a fact..accept it.
i enjoeyd every word..looool

i wonder who else is tradig sex for oil..and thanx for the tip about the woman ..that was a good gesture from ur part knowing that many will have ganeent sa77a filled with gas and roaming the streets looking for this woman

_looooool @ obama thing..reminds me of the old saying ..wella balash..

_ well i am sue dahabi scored high in maths specially multiplications ..who cares where france is..if u cant go to france france will come to you..bush also needs to go back to school and have some geography lessons

_ football team maybe the fans too can go..we'll start from ground zero


Mapless said...

I have to start depending on your blog for news! LOOL! that was funny! I enjoyed it, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hehe, very funny, I really love coming here, have a nice day my dear :)

The Observer said...

lol! that was funny!

It is a good catch for jordanian officials in Obama's speech. No need to through stones when we have a house of glass? :P

The Observer said...

ops, I meant throw :P

Mohanned said...

Touche on the obama one..

jaraad said...

This is great, even better than You can make an Arabic version. Keep it up.

Ola said...

Unbeleivable... Even the title is funny: Efrenji... what the heck!:D

Summer said...

Thank you moderator Hareega for promoting my cooking blog on mahjoob site! i got few hits from there and i thought it had to be you, the same famous hareega! thanks a million! :)

Hareega said...

thanks a lot guys for reading and for your input, appreciated.

summer, you're welcome!

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