Monday, July 07, 2008

Ten Facts I Find Very Interesting

1- Yasser Arafat did an interview with Playboy magazine in 1988.

2- Ralph Nader, who ran for US president several times and running this time as well, is originally Lebanese and is fluent in Arabic.

3- The Gipsy Kings is a French band.

4- Paula Abdul is a Syrian Jew. Bob Dylan is a Turkish Jew in origin. Singer Layla Murad is an Egyptian Jew. David Letterman is not Jewish!

5- Jordan ranks 5th in the world among countries exporting phosphorus rocks.

6- A football game between El Salvador and Honduras in 1969 triggered a 5-day war between both countries. It was called the football war (although there were other factors predisposing to this war).

7- What's common between a Pakstani president (Zia al-Haqq), A UN Secretary-General (Hammerskjold), the Philippines president (Magsaysay) ? They all died in plane crashes.

8- There were 4 plane crashes invovling Royal Jordanian. In 1965 in Damascus, 1973 in Nigeria, 1975 Morocco, 1979 in Qatar. Nothing since 1979 and hopefully it will stay this way!

9- Remember the SARS virus infection 4 years ago? The Italian scientist who first discovered the virus died from a SARS infection.

10 - The grandson of former Egyptian president Gamal Abdul Nassir (from his daughter) is the founder of Melody music channel.

If you need a reference for any of the above, I'll be happy to provide it.


Mapless said...

Interestingness INDEED!

mab3oos said...

يا أخي و بعدين معك
مش قلنالك بكفّي حكي فاضي بالاستبيان تبعك؟

لاءلاء بمزح

ما كنت أعرف إنه ليترمان مش يهودي، كنت دايما أفضل جي لنو

Anonymous said...

wow! how do you come up with those. What comes to ur mind to look them up? lol

Hareega said...

thanks mapless

maf3oos.. jay leno is better I agree

Batoul, not sure how but I try to remember things that made me a bit surprised or I found interesting!

Ola said...


Speaking of interesting: Did you know that fish can drown? (This fact has been amazing me for the last couple of days)

Hareega said...

old I didn't, thst'd new to me!

Anonymous said...

Letterman is the man, Jay Leno has a funny laugh.

Batir said...

Any possible link to the Arafat interview with Playboy? Was he holding the olive branch? Any possibility that Khaled Mshal can repeat the experience?

Hareega said...

Batir, sure it's

sorry no pictures !

Ali said...

The most interesting and unappealing would be Yasser Arafat on Playboy!!
I knew about Ralph Nader and Paula Abdul but no way David Letterman is not a jew

Hareega said...

he's presbyterian

rami a. rahman said...


Yazan said...

i would of added that
I would have added that jamiroquai is Turkish muslim by birth, Avram Grant ex Chelsea manager is Iraqi Jew who speaks fluent arabic