Friday, October 10, 2008

On the US Elections

** Both McCain and Obama proved to be hypocrites when it came to choosing their vice presidents. Obama claimed to not have been corrupted by staying too long in Washington but ended up picking one who was. McCain kept scaring people by how inexperienced Obama was only to pick someone without experience (or common sense, knowledge...etc) to be his running mate.

** There is a bunch of Americans who claim to be still undecided who they want to vote for. Every election this group of attention-seeking morons with subnormal IQs emerge claiming to be still thinking who should they vote for. This long campaign has been going on for more than one year. There's nothing the two candidates will say, I guarantee you, in the next 30 days that they haven't already said a million times before. Those idiots who are still thinking should stay home on election day and watch re-runs of some reality show.

** Many women in America still think like an oppressed minority. Sarah Palin, despite being on the total opposite to Hillary Clinton on every issue, still attracted some votes from Hillary supporters only for being a woman.

** Sarah Palin is the female version of George Bush.

** It's sad to see the absence of a third party in these elections. In almost all democratic countries, smaller parties get to participate in elections actively and they gain seat in Parliaments depending on how many votes they get. In the US these votes are trash, they're completely wasted.
In 1992 Ross Perot had 19 million votes, and in 1996 had 8 million, all gone.
In 2000, Ralph Nader had 2.8 million votes, people voting for the Green Party, yet nobody from that party gained seats in the Parliament.
Then there's that electoral vote system, which seems unfair to me. It's what allowed George Bush to become president even though he won less votes than Al Gore in 2000.
** Again, Republicans want Americans to vote out of fear. In 2004 it was fear of Bin Ladin, now they want them to be afraid of the black man whose middle name is Hussein.

** Among these elections, the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the rapidly falling economy, Fox News is now reporting about a Santa Claus in an elementary school telling 3rd grade students that Santa Claus does not really exist. They also brought 2 people who argued extensively whether or not that was appropriate. At the moment Americans start really thinking of the issues, Fox News emerges to remind them that they should remain stupid and continue discussing stupid issues.

Finally, youtube has not been McCain-Palin's best friend. Here are some clips that I find very interesting to watch:

First, here are some of Sarah Palin's comments during an interview. This woman is dumb.

Another embarrassing tape, when McCain in a speech asks "Who is the real Barack Obama?" and some in the crowd scream "terrorist". Not cool.

And here's Sarah Palin trying to connect to voters who were born in the 12th century but having asking her pastor to protect her from witchcraft.


bella said...

A very nice post!
Agree, agree, agree, agree!

And LOOOL @ Palin, she is just too a really stupid, omg-plz-don't-let-her-be-elected-to-anything-but-PTA-mom kind of way!

God help us all if she ends up in the White House!

Hareega said...

you know Republicans said in 2004 "Al Qaeda wants Kerry to win". I can tell you "Al Qaeda wants McCain to win" because with this crazy woman America will start collpasing. I always dismiss some crazy people who keep predicting the collapse of America but with a person like Palin being so close to this very critical seat America's existence as a solid country is jeoparized