Sunday, October 05, 2008

What I Heard in the Vice Presidential Debate

Palin, "Israel is our best friend in the Middle East, and we have to open our embassy in Jerusalem"

Biden, "Everyone should know, there is no better friend for Israel than Joe Biden"

Palin, "Well I'm glad Joe that we agree on something"

....... and they disagreed on everything else.

America's economy is falling apart. Arab countries have an incredibly large amount of money. I'm not an economist but I have the right to believe Arabs could have really affected the outcome of these elections in a way that the above debate would have never occurred.


asoom said...

They also agreed that they were both against gay marriage...and they both agreed that the other looked nice.

Yazan said...

We are so incompetent when it comes to serving our purpose and bring other countries to our side. We have the resources but for some reason you see American candidates begging for the support of Jews.

We have no one to blame except for us.

secratea said...

A very interesting article about the vice-presidential debate by the most brilliant, Robert Fisk.

Hani Obaid said...

Did you read the latest news ? Palin/Mccain are accusing Obama of Paling up with terrorists because he happened to serve on the board of a charity to help the poar with a University of Chicago professor who used to be an anti-vietnam war militant (bombing statues, doing sit-ins and such).

Meanwhile they're ignoring the fact that Mccain was accepting bribes back in the late 80s a few years after becoming a senator:

KJ said...

Man, lol, I can't believe that in one month the fate of the world would be decided by 4 people (rather the two who win)