Monday, March 30, 2009

Argentina Magic

Warning: Contains football.
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Argentina 4 Some-other-team-who-cares 0
The missed chance at the end is better than any goal


Musa said...

How is the first goal not an offside??!!! Messi was not offside but obviously the other player was part of the play (occupying defenders at least) and he was clearly offside just freeze the frame at 0:05 !

Hareega said...

Musa, yes Maxi was in an offside position, he occupied the players mostly before he got into the offisde position but was still occupying one defender partially afterwards, I imagine even if MAxi was not part of the play the defender wouldn't have been able to get to Messi.

Have you seen Messi's wasted chance? that mkes up for 3 goals.

Ehab said...

To think what this guy would be like when he is 26 is scary!! He is unbelieveable!!...

Now, being an argentina fan and having wathced the disappointments in 2002 and 2006, I can't help but be paranoid and fear that Messi will somehow be injured in time for 2010!! :S

If he wasn't, well I assure you he and argentina are gonna kick some serious ass in that tournament

Anonymous said...

ya 7aram!