Monday, March 16, 2009

Unforgettable Movie Scenes

Some movie scenes stay in memory forever. Some movies may not at all be that fascinating, but a scene, a word, a face gesture, a scream, a joke, a sound effect may leave its mark in the history of entertainment.

Here are some movie scenes that I think are very remarkable for one reason or another. Most contain spoilers:

1- Rocky Bolboa:
Rocky talking about life.

2- My Left Foot: This is Christy Brown, My Son, Genius!

This is a powerful one. The little kid on the floor is Christy Brown. He was born in the 1930s with cerebral palsy, which left him diabled everywhere except the left foot. As a child he was considered unable to do anything, but what he did was listen to his mother teach his healthy siblings. Then he did this. This is a real story. Brown went ahead to become a successful painter and writer.

3- The Godfather: I do renounce him!

A very classical scenes

4- Taxi Driver: Are you talking to me??

I like it when people talk to thmemselves.

5- The End of Forrest Gump: great last scene.

6- Jerry Maguire:
A great quote that I always use while talking to patients who refuse treatment for any reason:

7- Erin Brockovic: Numbers

Julia Roberts and a great scene. Sorry for the sound-picture discrepancy.

8- The Sixth Sense: The little kid speaks up

Probably everyone remembers the very last scene, so I included the one before that which is just as strong.


Anonymous said...

Don't call me silly, but I actually shed tears on the second scene "my left foot". I look up for it. deep stuff.

ahmad dark 1987 said...

The godfather scene, one of the best scenes in the godfather
in it he avenged his father while showing him sel as a man of religion

Hareega said...

Tha2ir, it's an great scene I agree man, Day Lewis did a wonderful job acting in that movie but, he won an Oscar for his role, but I'm not sure who that kid was in the scene

ahmed dark.. it is a powerful one

asoom said...

So many quotable quotes came out of the scenes of Jerry Maguire!

Graffenbergerwujn said...

So many quotable quotes came out of the scenes of Jerry Maguire!