Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lost Without Translation

A little conversation with a cousin a few months back...

Fares, "Have you seen the new James Bond movie?"

Cousin, "Yes, it was sick, very sick"

Fares, "Really, I heard it was good..."

Cousin, "Yea you should watch it, very sick"

Fares, "?????"

Cousin, "OK you don't get my lingo, what I mean by sick is that it wasn't sick like you shouldn't watch it, no it was sick like it was bad, baaaaad, very baaaad, ill man, it was ill, and f----ing awesome"


secratea said...

ya hareega, it looks like you've been a doctor for too long to take the word in its literal're just so not cool zay ibn el3am/'7aal...oh well, that's what studying medicine does to you people... LOOOOOOL

Anonymous said...

Talking about one's personal own dictionary

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, ill? Now that is something new!

maroo said...

hahahahahaha :) this was really funny

Hareega said...

secratea, yes i'm getting old

tha2ir.. i'll be making my own sometime soon

HAla, yes apparently being ill is a positive thing

maroo shukran yakhti