Friday, May 22, 2009

BiWeekly Video" Great Debate on WaterBoarding

This is a great debate on a absolute trashy morning show in the US named the View, that occasionally hosts interesting hosts, like a former governer named Jesse Ventura. He's against waterboarding while the blonde girl from Survivor is for it.

This comes as part of my bimonthly aweomse videos with less than 500,000 viewes on youtube

(At the end, Ventura mentions Sharon Tate, who was a young actress murdered in mysterious cicrumstances 40 years ago. Great quote!!)


Unknown said...

I can't stand Elizabeth Hasselbeck! I just saw on the news where I think they said 14 % of the guys at Guantanamo went back to some kind of extremist activities, one in particular, whom his lawyer be leaves never had any terrorist ties, turned to terrorism after he go out of Guantanamo. I wonder how many were innocent, but got so pissed off after they got out that, that they turned to terrorism?

Hareega said...

Exactly, that arguemnt is absolutely nuts. It just proves how terribly awful was the Bush-Cheney adminstration that they had released detainees who should have been in jail, while they imprisoned plenty of innocent people and did not give ANY rights to defend themselves.

lubna said...

that was something to watch!

Sami said...

I saw the other day the anchor on Fox news making the point that since the 4 people they caught in NYC trying to bomb a synagogue planned their attack while in jail, so she was asking what will happen if we (the U.S. government) is to bring the Gitmo detainees to jails in the U.S., they will be plotting for attacks while in jail (and carry these attacks once they're released as she might have assumed). nice argument. There is loads and loads of stupid people in this country which is normal, but they should stop saying the U.S. is the leader of the "free world", cause there is no free world, we are living in a jungle.