Monday, May 18, 2009

Suing Jordan

A Jordanian-American couple living in Las Vegas are suing Jordan after their son, Firas Zaidan. They claim he was beaten to death which being arrested there.

For details, do not check any local Jordanian newspaper. Check this local Vegas paper.


Unknown said...

""The lawsuit alleges the government initially blamed the cause of death on an overdose and tried to cover up the true cause so as not to hurt the important tourism industry in the area of Aqaba, but could not explain how he could have obtained drugs to overdose on while he was in prison custody."" As if anyone would want to go there after hearing this story. If the Jordanian government really wanted to do something about this they could!!! What kids of backwards society is this!

Anonymous said...

Not backwards "society" but "system". And what kind of system? One set up to benefit the rulers at the expense of the people, with the full faith, backing, weapons, and 'intel' of the United States government. Blowback, it shows up in the funniest places, no?