Sunday, January 10, 2010

Awareness for Testicular Cancer

Men of the World: Post the Color of your Kalsoon

Unfortunately, it looks like a lot of people, especially women, are desperate for anything that can cure or decrease the risk of breast cancer, and this is completely understandable. Prevention and early detection is the key. Self-breast exams are free and harmless and any woman can do it, that's why they're highly encouraged although their benefit is minimal at best. Mammograms often miss breast cancer, and recent guidelines suggest that they might be useless for the majority of women 50 years or younger.

Just like most cancers, a lot of factors have been linked to breast cancer are the unhealthy daily habits people do: smoking, eating fatty meals, lack of exercise, too much alcohol....etc. Not an easy thing to adjust.

The other big factor: genes. Can't change that.

I don't think the recent facebook statuses game raised any awareness or increased our knowledge about anything, but in case it did, I hope we'd start another campaign about not sharing too much information on facebook especially when you have 500 friends on facebook half of whom you'd barely say hi to if you see in real life.

And what's up with women being allowed to share whatever they want on facebook while men are called perverts and jerks if they do. Once my friends on facebook completely ripped me off for saying, "Just saw a 60-minute video of Maradona's best goals, I don't think my nipples have ever as hard before".

Equality people, equality.
(for the millions of women and the 2 guys who asked, no that's not me in the picture, sorry to make you sweat for nothing)


Anonymous said...

we Jordanian master the art of inventing new topic when we try to avid the biggest and most important issues, remind me with JTV after 1994

Rula A. said...

Lately I wasn’t active on facebook.. Until yesterday I logged in and many of my friends -girls- writing colors as their status.. I thought it was some sort of a stupid application but how come it spread in that way! Then I knew the reason behind all the color thingy..
Telling the truth I was chocked..As you said you find that some have more than 300 friend and probably more than the half of them you barely even recognize in real life..And now you tell everyone all that personal info which is –to be honest- if your brother saw you writing that you will be lectured!!
I guess people on facebook are becoming crazier day by day.. Shaklo ma bilba2ilna i7na il3arab ykoon 3ina account on Facebook..

Hareega said...

anonymous... so JTV was great before 1994?

Rula A.. it's weird , I agree

Anonymous said...

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