Friday, January 29, 2010

Egypt Deserved to Win 4-0

I was hoping for Algeria to win, but Egypt deserved it
The worst excuse ever is that Algeria had 3 players sent off with a red card.

If you know basic football, you would know that having a player sent off is just another mistake that you deserve to lose a game for, exactly like a wrong pass or missing a penalty.

Egypt played better and did not do the mistakes of having players sent off, so they deserved the victory, 4-0.

Good luck Sunday.

And for the record here: Algeria will KICK ASS in the World Cup, seriously, they will kick ass.

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NasEr said...

*6a33eming* Arab football, if i could be "god" for a day I'll dig a big hole and have all footballs in the Arab world in it and send طيرا أبابيل to burn them.I'm being off topic but the buzz and the dimension this game took repulses me! u should've seen how it was in Amman the night of the game and after it,i really wished "We" were so happy for a good reason.
pathetic. disastrous .